The day I did a Bungle Bungle Guided Tour from Kununurra

The day I did a Bungle Bungle Guided Tour from Kununurra
June 22, 2017 Bungle Bungle Guided Tours

Aviair Scenic Flight

We arrived at the Aviair terminal for our Kununurra to Bungle Bungles Scenic Flight at about 8:30 with our courtesy bus pick up. We checked-in and all gathered in the waiting lounge. Our pilot Sam, briefed us about the flight path and what we would see along the way during out flight. We then made our way out onto the tarmac and had another short safety brief under the wing of the plane before boarding. This would have to be the smallest plane I have ever been on, though with that in mind we were all still very comfortable and not cramped. We had large windows to look out from and air-conditioning through-out the plane.

We took off and flew over the Kununurra Townsite and the Packsaddle agricultural area. We followed the Ord River up-stream towards the Ord Top Dam Wall with views of Spillway Creek. After passing over the Ord Dam Wall, we flew over the massive Lake Argyle which seemed to go on forever. As we got to the edge of the lake, we caught a glimpse of the Argyle Diamond Mine. We continued toward the Bungle Bungles while flying over cattle stations and the stunning Osmand Ranges.

Tour Bus

Once landed at Bellburn Airstrip we boarded the Bungle Bungle Guided Tour bus and started our adventure through Purnululu National Park. We stopped a couple of times to have a good look at the views as well as the Flora and Fauna of the area. Throughout the bus ride, our tour guide Bruce, spoke about the area with really informative spiels. We arrived at the Cathedral Gorge car park, filled up our water bottles and set out on our way.

Cathedral Gorge Walk

The walk into Cathedral Gorge was an amazing experience with a brief walk in the sun up Piccaninny Creek between the Bungle Bungle domes then into the shade of Cathedral Gorge. With stunning steep gorge walls and the unique formations in the rocks from the fast-flowing water during the wet season. Once we got to the end of the gorge, it was a breath-taking site, the amphitheater like gorge is so massive, pictures just cannot do it justice. We stopped here and had our lunch and took in the awesome scenery.

Aviair Scenic Flight Back to Kununurra

Once we completed our walk and got the tour bus back the Bellburn airstrip we boarded our flight home. The flight home was just as awesome as the one on the way down. We flew over the Bungle Bungle Range again with great views of even more gorges. We then circled over the Argyle Diamond Mine while Sam told us the history of the mine. We then flew over more stunning ranges on our way back to Kununurra. We got great afternoon views of the Kununurra agricultural area as we came into land. Such an amazing tour, we got to see and do in just one day.

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