Top 7 ‘TIPS’ While on Kimberley 4wd Tours

Top 7 ‘TIPS’ While on Kimberley 4wd Tours
September 25, 2018 Bungle Bungle Guided Tours

It is important to always be prepared when travelling around Australia, more importantly the Kimberley region. The area is unique and enchanting but also unforgiving to those who are unprepared. If you are planning your own tours of kimberley 4wd, it is important to know what you need as it can be quite awhile on the road between towns to replenish your supplies. This is a list of essentials you should always have, to prevent getting caught out.

  1. Drinking water.

The number one essential item. It has many uses, mainly keeping you hydrated in the harsh heat, but can also be useful for your 4wd.

  1. Spare tyres and 4wd recovery tracks

To see the best the Kimberley has to offer, you may need to travel along 4wd tracks that are unsealed and very corrugated. It is always important to have at least one spare tyre in case of a flat or blow out. Recovery tracks can help get you out of trouble if you find yourself in soft ground.

  1. First aid kit

To a bump and bruise or something a little more serious, a general first aid kit is advised. Better to have it and not use it, than not have it and need it.

  1. Perishable food items.

Any food that does not require being refrigerated is always handy. This can be items such as muesli bars and dry biscuits, tin food is also useful.

  1. Appropriate clothing and sun protection

While you are on a 4wd tour kimberley region, it is imperative to dress accordingly.  As the days are not as warm in winter, you may not feel like sun protection is needed while out and about. Don’t be fooled, skin protection is still a must. Enclosed shoes are always the best choice for exploring as ground conditions can change regularly.

  1. Knowledge of your surroundings

It is always handy to have prior awareness of the environment you are about to enter. Do as much research as you can so you can be as prepared as possible. Know which things you need to take and which you can leave behind for the day. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to those who know. This will make your time in the Kimberley much more enjoyable.

  1. Camera

Having come all this way to the Kimberley, being able to look back on your cherished memories and to share with friends is a must.

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