Exploring Western Australia With An Indigenous Guide

Exploring Western Australia With An Indigenous Guide
September 5, 2018 Bungle Bungle Guided Tours

The Aboriginal peoples of Western Australia have inhabited the State for an estimated 70,000 years. One can hardly fathom the amount of history, knowledge, beliefs and experiences that have shaped Indigenous culture. Whilst exploring Western Australia is a phenomenal experience, exploring areas of the state alongside an Indigenous guide will unlock a wealth of knowledge and stories, which will take your adventure to a whole new level. Here is a selection of fantastic Aboriginal tours and experiences that are on offer in Western Australia – we can’t recommend them enough!

  1. Mimbi Caves

Girloorloo Tours

Located 90-kilometres from Fitzroy Crossing, the stunning Mimbi Caves are a fascinating and culturally significant attraction. Girloorloo Tours is 100% Indigenous owned and operated, and offers incredible tours of the Caves under the guidance of a local Gooniyandi guide. This network of caves is said to be over 350 million years old, and was inhabited by Indigenous peoples for thousands of years. The Gooniyandi guide will explain the cultural significance of the caves, as well as share dreamtime stories relevant to the area. This tour is guaranteed to be a stunning adventure, in which you can learn about the importance of this formation.

  1. Dampier Peninsula

Uptuyu Tours

Uptuyu Aboriginal Adventures offers a range of outback travel experiences, focussing on 4WD tours across the Dampier Peninsula. On these tours, you will not only experience an exhilarating adventure, but can discuss the significance of the land with local Aboriginal guides. One of Uptuyu Tours’ guides, Neville Polina, is renowned for his exceptional storytelling and vast knowledge of the area. You’re sure to be in for a treat when accompanied by him on a 4WD tour!

  1. Geike Gorge

Darngku Heritage Cruises

For an exceptional experience of the Kimberley’s Geike Gorge, hop onboard one of Darngku Heritage Cruises’ cruise boats for an unforgettable trip. Operated by a team of local, Indigenous Bunuba guides, Darngku Heritage Cruises offers a unique tour experience through the Gorge, where stunning views of the scenery are couple with insights into the Indigenous history of the region.

  1. Aboriginal Art Galleries

The Kimberley has produced countless exceptional Aboriginal artists, and is home to many arts centres where beautiful Aboriginal art pieces can be viewed and/or purchased. One of the most widely known arts centres of the region is the Warmun Art Centre, which is owned and governed by the Gija people. The Art Centre is found within Warmun Community, which is near to Halls Creek. This area has produced artists such as Queenie McKenzie, Magian Thomas and Patrick Mung Mung. Alongside Warmun Art Centre, there are fantastic Aboriginal art galleries located within Derby’s Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre, Kununurra’s Warringarri Arts Centre, and Halls Creek’s Yarliyil Art Centre. These centres, along with numerous other scattered across Western Australia, are well worth visiting, and offer a different means by which you can experience Western Australia in an Indigenous context.

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