The Best Type of Kimberley Tours

The Best Type of Kimberley Tours
June 23, 2017 Bungle Bungle Guided Tours

There are a few different types of Kimberley tours and each one is unique in its own way. Because there is so much to see in this spectacular region, there are many ways to see it. Whether it be in the air, 4wding, walking or on the water, all Kimberley Tours are bound to excite.

Walking Tours in the Kimberley

There are many opportunities in the Kimberley so pop on the hiking boots and head off on an adventure. There are guided walking tours that are very popular is amazing locations such as Mitchell Falls and Purnululu National Park. Within El Questro Station there are also a range of day walks that generally suit most people. Many of the walks through-out El Questro head into a gorge or end up at a beautiful swimming hole. These days walks make walking in the Kimberley as absolute treat and are also great opportunities for photos, with stunning scenery.

Kimberley Outback Tours

If you want see more of the Kimberley and delve deeper into the best parts of the region, then an outback tour is the way to go. Commonly starting in places such as Broome or Darwin, you will join a group tour bus that will drive and hit all the best places along the way. These tours are well organised and save you the stress of needing to book anything in advance. A Kimberley outback tour also allows you time to relax in certain places, while all guides have extensive knowledge of the Kimberley region and the tourist attraction that you visit.

Kimberley Scenic Tours

Scenic tours are becoming increasingly popular and they are an efficient way to see a lot of scenery if you are on a time-poor holiday. Fixed-wing flights from Kununurra for example explore a significant portion of the Kimberley during their scenic tours. The benefit of being up high while viewing this amazing region is that you can gain an understanding of the sheer size of some of the ranges and places such as Lake Argyle. Flights give a new appreciation of such areas as it enables you to see and learn about such places that you cannot even visit by car or on foot.

Helicopter scenic tours may be even more popular than plane flights as they provide an experience that give passengers a more of an adrenaline rush. As well as being a thrilling experience, you get to see some amazing things from a bird eye view but closer than you would from a plane. Scenic Helicopter tours are quite a different experience while providing arguably the best view of what the Kimberley has on offer.

Boat Tours in the Kimberley

There are so many waterways running throughout the Kimberley which are home to an abundance of wildlife and awesome gorges. Just out of Kununurra there are river cruise tours that venture up the Ord River and back with sunset options. These cruises are perfect for everyone, where you can just sit back and relax as you learn about the area. Lake Argyle also have cruises that allow you to have a swim and enjoy some drinks and nibbles as you watch the setting sun.

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