Top Three Bungle Bungle Experiences for Hiking Fanatics

Top Three Bungle Bungle Experiences for Hiking Fanatics
June 3, 2018 Bungle Bungle Guided Tours

For those who love hiking, exploring and adventuring, Purnululu National Park is your ultimate playground. With spectacular scenery, an incredible history, and walks that are sure to get your heart rate up, the Park is highly popular amongst avid hikers and bushwalkers. Here our our favourite hikes around the Bungle Bungle:


This option is truly unlike any other offered within Purnululu National Park, and will see you exploring some of the least trekked patches within the Park. This experience begins at the Bellburn Airstrip, where you will be met by a local, Indigenous tour guide who will be your leader for the day. From here, you will board a helicopter and take a breathtaking flight toward the south-west end of the Park. The helicopter will touch down at Piccaninny Gorge, where you will disembark and begin your heli-hike through stunning scenery. The hike itself is approximately 10km return – however, this can vary as at points you will be creating your own path alongside yourguide. You will trek along the rocky creek bed of Piccaninny Gorge, with your tour guide pointing out places of interest amongst the beautiful landscape, as well as explaining the Indigenous connection to this area of the Park. This stretch of land is inaccessible by foot – only by air – and therefore an infrequently visited part of the earth. We advise that this hike be undertaken by those with a high level of fitness and full mobility due to its physical demands. At the end of your trek, you will be met by your helicopter transfer, which will take you on another thrilling flight over the country you have just trekked on foot, as well as Cathedral Gorge and the famous black and orange striped domes. This entire experience lasts for approximately eight hours, and is afavourite amongst avid explorers and hikers.



Whilst at Purnululu National Park, you must not miss out on seeing the northern end of the Park – especially Echidna Chasm. This end of the Park is home to an abundance of trails and walks, meaning that keen bushwalkers can spend any amount of time exploring the stunning landscape at this northern end. It’s undeniable that the walk into Echidna Chasm is a favourite amongst bushwalkers, as it requires a certain amount of climbing over boulders, walking up and down stairs, and walking along rocky paths, as well as making your way between towering cliffs. At points, the path between these towering cliffs can narrow to a width of less than two metres, meaning that two people could not walk side by side. Exploring Echidna Chasm alongside a local guide is a fantastic option, as they can show you nearby and neighbouring bushwalks, meaning that you get the most out of your voyage to the northern end of the Park.


For those who do not want to miss out on any part of the Park, we recommend the option of the Bungle Bungle Two Night Stayover. This experience allows you to adventure throughout the Domes Walk, Cathedral Gorge, the northern end of the Park, Echidna Chasm, and neighbouring bushwalks – all alongside your own local, Indigenous guide. This experience also includes scenic flights (departing Kununurra) to and from Purnululu National Park, as well as a fully catered stay at the Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge. This option allows you to make the most of your time in the Park, so that you are able to dedicate your full attention to the numerous walks and hikes within the Park.