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Choose from a range of Bungle Bungle guided walks suiting all levels of fitness. We offer 4 guided walking tours during the dry season (April – September) as described individually below.

The Cathedral Gorge and Domes guided walk is suitable for most levels of fitness. The walk has some steps with handrails and sandy creek beds to walk on and is moderately rated. You’ll experience the natural wonder of the intricate black and orange banded sandstone domes and the beauty of Cathedral Gorge, where towering cliffs open up to form a space with awe-inspiring natural acoustics.

The Echidna Chasm & Northern End guided walk offers the experience of seeing the northern end of Purnululu which has a vastly different landscape to the southern end. First, you’ll be go on a 65 minute drive, heading northwards along the Western Wall of the Bungle Bungle Range. A rocky path leads your walk into Echidna Chasm, which narrows until it is just two shoulders’ width apart. Gazing skywards to the bright blue sky, the orange towering walls look as if they are lit from within. Livistona palm trees cling to the vertical sides. This tour also presents the opportunity to visit nearby walking trails at the northern end of the national park. A good level of mobility is required for this 1.5 hour
northern walk. This walk has lots of steps up to viewing platforms and includes climbing over boulders. It is classed as moderately challenging in difficulty.

Our full day tour, the Cathedral Gorge, Domes and Echidna Chasm guided walk offers both perspectives of Purnululu. A great option for those wanting to cover a lot of ground in one day.

The Piccaninny Gorge Heli-Hike is for fit and experienced walkers as there is no track and the walk is in a rocky creek bed. Piccaninny Gorge has only been explored by very few people as it is a normally 3-day journey on foot. This tour provides helicopter access, allowing you to explore the best parts of the Gorge in a single day. The untouched rugged gorge seems prehistoric and you will feel like you are in another world once inside the gorge. It is classed as a level 5 walk, requiring a very high level of fitness.

All tours start from Bellburn Airstrip in Purnululu National Park. You can drive in to meet our tours, or choose a scenic flight transfer from Kununurra.


  • Wonderful. A camera full of photos, a mind full of exceptional memories. The tour guides and lodge staff were excellent. We loved the cabins.   Alison & Robert
  • Our guide's knowledge, enthusiasm and careful explanations really added another dimension to the three walks we went on.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer
  • Tour guide Pete was the best guide we've had in Australia. Partner Tash was welcoming and very professional. A huge thank you to them both!   Steve & Ann
  • Thank you so much to the team at Bungle Bungle Guided Tours for an absolutely spectacular day.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer
  • Daisy and Jen: two guides with vastly different backgrounds combined to create a surprisingly thoughtful and informative Bungle Bungles tour. Daisy brought delightful candour and mature insight into her discussion about local Aboriginal culture. Jen added her depth of knowledge of the Bungles' geology and botany. Together they worked seamlessly to walk us through the Bungles, learning as we went, and taking a great deal of care to ensure that we traveled at an easy pace, with plenty of stops for rest and hydration because of the heat. A really enjoyable and informative tour. - Physeter
  • I went on the BB1 tour and it was fantastic from start to finish. After our flight from Kununurra we landed at the spectacular Bungle Bungles and were given a warm welcome by tour guide.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer

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