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The flights over the Bungle Bungle are extremely popular and we love that we are able to showcase such an amazing part of Australia for so many people. The Bungle Bungle scenic flights that are on offer provide an incredible birds-eye view of the domes and the surrounding area. Flights over the Bungle Bungle can also be linked with ground tours and overnight stays within Purnululu National Park.


Helicopter and aeroplane flights over the Bungle Bungle depart from the town of Kununurra. These scenic adventures are the ultimate experience as you will witness so much throughout the journey. Experience the some of the most fascinating features that the outback has to offer, flying over cattle stations, the Ragged Range, the famous Argyle Diamond Mine and the stunning Lake Argyle. This tour can be linked to with a picnic landing, ground tour within the Bungles or an overnight stay at the Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge.


If you decide to drive in and stay at the accommodation located within Purnululu you will have the opportunity to jump on a Bungle Bungle helicopter scenic flight from Bellburn Airstrip. Departing from Purnululu you will have a range of flights to select from, with an 18-minute flight, a 30-minute flight and the ultimate Bungle Bungle flight at 42 minutes. These three tours cover the best parts of the Bungle Bungle Range and allow you to get a great look down into the gorges and the unique Bungle Bungle domes.


If you choose not to drive into the national park, you can still fly over the Bungle Bungle from the HeliSpirit Warmun base, located along the Great Northern Highway, 200km from Kununurra and 160km from Halls Creek. They offer 45-minute scenic flights over the Bungle Bungle as well as packages including walking tours and accommodation within the World heritage National Park.

Lake Argyle

From Lake Argyle, helicopter flights depart from the Lake Argyle Resort. Choose a scenic helicopter over the lake, or extend your flight to visit the iconic Bungle Bungle. Choose to land at a secret spring for a picnic, or land in the Bungle Bungle for a privately guided walk. There is also the option to add on an overnight stay at Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge – the ultimate Kimberley Experience!

There are so many ways to explore the Bungle Bungle while visiting the Kimberley, so whether you stay in Kununurra or spend the night in the national park, there is a tour option for everyone. Although to truly experience this unforgettable landscape, it is best to explore the ground as well as the air.

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  • You really get a deeper understanding of the cultural significance and history of the area than if you did the walks on your own.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer
  • Our guide's knowledge, enthusiasm and careful explanations really added another dimension to the three walks we went on.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer
  • After a lovely morning tea and lunch we got back on the plane and did an air tour over the Bungle Bungles and the Argyle Diamond Mine and then back on to Kununurra.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer
  • 'Hi Yvonne, thank you for all your help in organising the trip for my Dad. He had a wonderful time! Everyone from you (and the other reservation staff), the staff at Freshwater Apartments, Aviair, Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge and our guide Lisa were so helpful, welcoming and friendly. The scenery was of course spectacular! And it was really good having the pilots and Lisa provide some knowledge on the area. We couldn’t have had a better time.' Angela
  • All in all a fantastic day that I will never forget, thanks again to the team at Bungle Bungle Guided Tours.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer
  • I went on the BB1 tour and it was fantastic from start to finish. After our flight from Kununurra we landed at the spectacular Bungle Bungles and were given a warm welcome by tour guide.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer

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