Top Five Tips for Australian Walking Holidays

Top Five Tips for Australian Walking Holidays
August 31, 2017 Bungle Bungle Guided Tours

If you are planning to embark on an adventure walking holiday then there are some things that you need to put in place to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. These top tips have been put together to allow you to prepare for your walking tour.

Hike in a group or with a partner

It is always better to partake in a walking tour or hike with a group of people who have similar interests as you do. Hiking in a group allows you to meet new people and find new places to explore. Groups such as walking groups day-hike groups can bring together a range of different people as the outdoors can attract a range of types of people. Being introduced to new places that you can explore and walk is also another benefit that can be gained from walking in a group or with new people.

Always wear comfortable hiking footwear

Your feet are your most precious asset and probably the most vulnerable when on a walking tour. Wearing carrying weight on your back your feet change shape, therefore it is important that you wear the correct footwear that has strong ankle support and quality soles. When walking on uneven and slippery surfaces, it is essential that good quality footwear is worn. To sustain a foot or ankle injury in a remote area makes it difficult logistically to seek medical attention.

Create a route plan or tell the relevant persons about your location

If you are planning on walking in an area that is yet to be explored or an unmarked track then it is suggested that a good quality route/ trip plan is created or you that the relevant people know of your whereabouts. A good route plan will have the relevant information such as how far you are going each day and where you are staying each night. Alternatively, a satellite phone can be carried to inform others that you have arrived safely at a certain point or used in an emergency.

Hydrate Appropriately

It is always extremely important to carry enough water whether you are embarking on simply a day walk or an extended trip. It is recommended that you carry at least 1 – 2 litres per every 2 hours of walking. Though, this does depend on the weather conditions, for example, is you are on a Bungle Bungles Walking tour in the Kimberley region of Australia, then it is necessary to carry more than the recommended amount of water.

Firs Aid Kit

Due to the remoteness of many walks and hiking tours it is always essential to carry the appropriate first air equipment. On most tours, the guides will carry a larger kit which will contain most things. Though if you are doing a private walk or have organised it yourself then it is important to carry some essential items in case of an accident or injury.

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