Where to visit on your Kimberley 4wd tours

Where to visit on your Kimberley 4wd tours
September 27, 2017 Bungle Bungle Guided Tours

4wd tours on the Kimberley are becoming increasingly popular as there are many places to visit that require a 4wd. With better 4wd vehicles and improved recovery equipment, people are starting to travel to more remote and secluded locations.

Here are some of the best tours of the Kimberley you can do in your mighty 4wd..

The Gibb River Road

The Gibb River Road is a stretch of 660km gravel road that goes from Derby to Kununurra. Along the Gibb there are many cattle stations and waterholes that are the attractions for tourists who are driving along this route. There are many water-crossings and scenic points which make it an exciting place to visit for many people from all over Australia. Many of the off-shoots of the Gibb River Road also have hidden treasures and attractions. This adventure is a 4wd only one, with rough corrugations and some tracks with very challenging conditions.

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Bungle Bungle Range during the wet season – HeliSpirit

Bungle Bungles

Significantly shorter than the Gibb, the road into the Bungles is about a 3-hour expedition. Though it may be short, it isn’t necessarily sweet. The 56km track turns off the Great Northern Highway and heads into Purnululu National Park. The track can be a timely tour and is only accessible by 4wd vehicles and trailers that have only a single axle. For all the rough terrain lovers out there, this is a great short expedition not too far from the comforts of Kununurra. A huge advantage to this 4wd track is that at the end, there are multiple accommodation options and great guided walks that give an in-depth look insight the history and geology of the area.

Explosion Gorge, El Questro

The Explosion Gorge track from El Questro Station is sometimes considered a bone-rattling track that has some steep sections and some decent water crossings. Along the way, there are multiple waterholes, fishing spots and lookouts. You can create your own itinerary or the rangers at El Questro can take you out on a tour. This 4wd tour is one located in one of the most scenic places in the Kimberley and is worth the ruggedness to get there.

Cockburn Circuit, El Questro

Staying in El Questro, here is one for the more experienced four-wheel drivers only. Considered as one of the most scenic tracks in the region, the Cockburn Circuit is one approximately 133km long and takes usually a full day. The track is off the Gibb River Road and navigates around the entire Cockburn Range. You will get a great view not only of the range but also the mud flats and the savannah plains of the area. If you’re in the area, this one is a must do.

Cockburn Ranges in El Questro from a HeliSpirit helicopter