One Of The Best Kimberley Australia Tours

One Of The Best Kimberley Australia Tours
September 12, 2017 Bungle Bungle Guided Tours

Kimberley Tours in Australia are extremely unique and if you delve a little deeper there are amazing places within such a big region. There is an extensive range of tours in the Kimberley region of Australia and it is very hard to try and decide which one is best. Many tours involve walking and witnessing huge waterfalls, but this one that is offered just out of Kununurra is a little different. Aviair in Kununurra has created a tour based on an expensive little object that is no more than 2mm wide, the diamond.

Argyle Diamond mine, which is about 150km south of Kununurra in the Kimberley, is one of the largest producers of Diamonds in the world and is the home of the extremely rare Pink Diamond. Fly with Aviair on a stunning scenic tour in a fixed wing plane, with air-conditioning and large windows. Initially, you will follow the Ord River up to Spillway Creek, followed closely by the Ord Top Dam and Lake Argyle. Follow the edge of Lake Argyle south, while listening to your pilot give great insight into the lake and its significant history. Continue south with views of stunning ranges and cattle stations. Eventually, you reach the Bungle Bungle Range, which pops up out of nowhere and is a pleasant surprise. Your flight flies over the best parts of the Bungles, including Piccaninny Gorge, Cathedral Gorge, the famous domes and Deep Gorge. You then loop around the Bungles and head back north toward the Argyle Diamond Mine. From above you receive great views of the open cut mine and the huge tailing ponds.

Land at the privately-owned airstrip and all board the Aviair bus which awaits at the terminal. Your pilot will now become your tour guide as they drive to the staff village, continuing their spiel about the mine and the area. Once at the staff village, you will get the opportunity to view some diamonds for yourself and even purchase if you would like. Then head to the cinema room and watch some informative short movies about the Diamond Mine and the cultural significance of the area. From there you get to enjoy an amazing salad bar lunch and dessert in the staff dining hall.

Re-board the bus and venture toward the mine, all the while your knowledgeable pilot/guide will be giving you great information about what you are driving past and facts about the Argyle Diamond Mine. Through-out the mine you are driven around all the processing plants and given an awesome close-up look at systems that are in place at a functioning mine site. You will then drive up to the lookout, which gives you a great view of the entire mine, as well as a fantastic photo opportunity. Continue your tour through the mine then head back out to the Argyle Museum which goes into detail about the type of diamonds that are found and the history of the Argyle Mine. You then drive back to the Argyle Airport and enjoy your scenic flight as your head back to Kununurra.

Flying over the Argyle Diamond Mine

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