The Best Photo Opportunities In Purnululu National Park

The Best Photo Opportunities In Purnululu National Park
June 3, 2018 Bungle Bungle Guided Tours

Whilst it’s likely that almost any photo taken at the Bungle Bungle Range will be stunning, there are a handful of places and opportunities throughout the Park which are absolute winners for happy-snappers and professional photographers alike. Visitors are constantly blown away by the colours of the Park, especially when clear blue skies vividly contrast the rusty orange rocks. The immense scale of the cliffs, boulders and rocks is also amazing to capture in a photograph. Although there are thousands of amazing shots to be taken in Purnululu National Park, these are a few of our favourites.

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  1. Towering Cliffs of Echidna Chasm

Echidna Chasm is located at the northern end of Purnululu National Park, and is a must-visit for all who venture into the Park. The trek into Echidna Chasm requires walkers to follow a path that weaves between towering orange cliffs, with Livistona palm trees clinging to the rocky edges of the cliffs. Looking upwards, you can see the bright blue sky contrasted by the orange cliffs and green palms, which creates an awesome shot! The path becomes quite narrow at points, with two people struggling to walk side by side. This is a great opportunity to get a photo of yourself nestled between the ancient rocks – the result can be quite stunning!

  1. Aerial Shot of Bungle Bungle Range

It’s often said that you haven’t seen the Kimberley until you’ve seen it from the air – and the same can be said in regard to photography. Whilst land-based photographs of the Kimberley are phenomenal, a shot from the air can truly bring out the amazing colours, textures and patterns formed by the landscape below. HeliSpirit helicopters and Aviair aeroplanes feature large windows, meaning that you will have every opportunity to snap the perfect photo of the Bungle Bungle Range from above.

  1. Sunset by the Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge pool

Seeing an East Kimberley sunset should be on everyone’s bucket list – especially if this sunset can be enjoyed by the pool. The Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge has a beautiful outdoor pool, where you can enjoy the sunset with a drink after a long day of exploring the Park. Shots taken by the pool during the golden hour and around sunset look phenomenal, and are sure to spark up envy amongst those who have never been to the Kimberley!

  1. Relaxing in the Magnificent Cathedral Gorge

After the trek in to Cathedral Gorge, get a snap of fellow walkers relaxing in the shade of the towering Cathedral Gorge cliffs. It’s amazing to see the scale of the cliffs against a human, as this is the only way to really capture the immense size of this Gorge. And, of course, it’s pretty impressive to show your friends where you have been relaxing whilst visiting the Kimberley!