8 Must-do Adventures in the Bungle Bungles

8 Must-do Adventures in the Bungle Bungles
August 20, 2017 Bungle Bungle Guided Tours
  1. Watch the Western Wall at sunset. There are a couple of lookouts where you can set up your chair and enjoy your favourite cold drink whilst marveling at the deep glowing colours of the rock walls.
  2. Listen to a song in Cathedral Gorge. If you are a singer – you will be in demand, if not, make sure you take a singer on the walk with you. The acoustics in Cathedral Gorge equal those of the world’s top opera houses. A quartet from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra played here in 2016 and that’s what they said!
  3. Take a thrilling helicopter flight with HeliSpirit from Bellburn airstrip. To get up high and see the full expanse of the Bungle Bungle Range is totally awe inspiring. There are 3 flights, 18, 30 or 42 minutes long and all the flight time is over the Bungle Bungle. It’s the best value Bungle Bungle helicopter flight and if you are in the park, definitely take a flight from here.
  4. Hide in a rock hole on Piccaninny Creek. What a great place for hide ‘n seek! The thousands of years of monsoonal rains have swirled rocks in the sandstone creek-bed to form deep smooth holes in the ground. It’s lots of fun for all ages. Make sure you do regular head counts so you don’t lose anyone!
  5. If you are a serious hiker, then Piccaninny Gorge will take your breath away completely! You can hike in – it takes 3 – 7 days and you must carry all your water and equipment. Or, new in 2017 is a heli-hike. You can helicopter in with HeliSpirit and Bungle Bungle Guided Tours, and hike about 10km returning in the afternoon. A great one day adventure.
  6. Walk through the sandstone domes near Picaninny Creek. These towers are a key reason Purnululu gained World Heritage listing. The Devonian age quartz sandstone eroded over a period of 20 million years into striped beehive shaped cones. Unique in the world, they have outstanding universal value. That’s what UNESCO says.
  7. Stand in Echidna Chasm at midday and look up at the bright blue sky contrasting with the bright orange rock walls only 2 shoulder widths wide. Just incredible! The Livistona palms clinging to the sides are amazing too.
  8. Stay the night in the Bungles and sit still and watch the stars. Known as one of the best places in the world to stargaze, the Kimberley is unpolluted by light. You will leave this place with a deep spiritual connection to the land.

The image to the left showing the domes at night is a special one by photographer Ben Broady. You can purchase a copy on his website.