Purnululu National Park Tours

Purnululu National Park Tours

Purnululu National Park

Purnululu National Park is an area about 2,400 km squared located in far North of Western Australia. The national park, which is now a World Heritage Listed site is managed by the Western Australia Department of Parks and Wildlife. The main attraction of the National Park is the Bungle Bungle Range which consists of world famous sandstone domes with prominent stripes that closely resemble beehives. The closest town to the Purnululu National Park is Halls Creek with scenic flights leaving from the Warmun Roadhouse and the base at the Bungles. The drive into Purnululu National Park is 4WD only and is approximately 53km in distance, though takes around 2 hours to travel. It should be noted that this road is only open during the dry season.

A Range of Walks Available

There are a range of guided walks within Purnululu National Park which focus on the best and most spectacular gorges. The walks range from moderately easy to a high level of fitness being required. The options are to visit the Cathedral Gorge, Echidna Chasm and Piccaninny Gorge. These gorges and the iconic Bungle Bungle domes are the highlight of the visit for most people. The benefit of the Purnululu National Park tours is that it allows customers to experience more than just the Bungles. The tours include driving throughout the National Park, while receiving information regarding the landscape, flora, fauna and the indigenous history of the area.

Purnululu National Park Facts

The Bungle Bungle Range is the main attraction within the national park, which is the unique dome shaped features that have become recognised worldwide. At its highest elevation, the range reaches 578 metres above sea level. The Bungle Bungle Domes are famous for their beehive shape and distinctive striping around each dome. The orange and grey bands occur from layers of clay in the sandstone, with the orange bands being oxidised iron compounds drying out too quickly, and the grey bands are from a cyanobacteria growing on the surface.

The Geology of the range is one that is quite unique and not seen in this extent in any other places in the world. The range was once a plateau of Devonian Sandstone in which strong wind and rain over many years has worn down the sandstone to produce the current bungles bungle domes. The surface of the domes is extremely fragile with only about 1cm of thickness of the outside crust.

The origin of the name Bungle Bungle or Bungles is relatively unknown but Purnululu is said to be the mispronounced indigenous word Bullmanlulu. The original and correct name according to some indigenous people of the area for the Bungle Bungle Range is Billingjal, which translates to ‘Sand falling away’.

To find out more about the Purnululu National Park Facts in the area, visit Purnululu National Park Tours or call on 1800 899 029.


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  • Daisy and Jen: two guides with vastly different backgrounds combined to create a surprisingly thoughtful and informative Bungle Bungles tour. Daisy brought delightful candour and mature insight into her discussion about local Aboriginal culture. Jen added her depth of knowledge of the Bungles' geology and botany. Together they worked seamlessly to walk us through the Bungles, learning as we went, and taking a great deal of care to ensure that we traveled at an easy pace, with plenty of stops for rest and hydration because of the heat. A really enjoyable and informative tour. - Physeter
  • Our tour guide was excellent and we felt we gained a great feeling for the area after our trip with her, I am sure there are many people like us who would love the tour.
    Howard & Dimity WebbBBGT Customer
  • Tour guide Pete was the best guide we've had in Australia. Partner Tash was welcoming and very professional. A huge thank you to them both!   Steve & Ann
  • Our guide's knowledge, enthusiasm and careful explanations really added another dimension to the three walks we went on.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer
  • I went on the BB1 tour and it was fantastic from start to finish. After our flight from Kununurra we landed at the spectacular Bungle Bungles and were given a warm welcome by tour guide.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer
  • All in all a fantastic day that I will never forget, thanks again to the team at Bungle Bungle Guided Tours.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer

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