Cathedral Gorge and Domes Guided Walk

Tour Piccaninny Creek Guided Walking Tours WA

Tour BB1 | Level 2 walk, moderate to easy

Departs: Bellburn Airstrip, Purnululu National Park

Time and Duration: 10.15am to 3.30pm

Check in is 20 minutes prior to departure.

Price: Adult: $199pp Child: $150pp

Meet your local tour guide at the HeliSpirit shady area at Bellburn airstrip in Purnululu national park. Join your fellow travellers on this unique small group guided tour. First your guide will drive you closer to the Bungle Bungle range. Walk amongst the famous eroded towers and black and orange banded beehive structures on the Domes Walk. Your guide will take you into Cathedral Gorge, where the towering cliffs open up to form a space with awe inspiring natural acoustics. Walk along the bed of Piccaninny Creek, which flows only in the monsoon waterfall season. Learn about the Kimberley climate, the 6 seasons and unique flora and fauna so important to the traditional custodians of the land. A small cooler bag with your lunch is provided per couple, or per person if you are a solo traveller. There are some steps and sandy areas on the walk.


Includes lunch, cold water, chilled refresher towels.


This guided tour can be accessed by plane or helicopter with spectacular aerial views of areas inaccessible on the ground. Departures are available from most Kimberley towns.



Tour BB1 + Scenic Aeroplane Transfers Tour BB1 + Scenic Helicopter Transfers
Departure location Cost Times Departure location Cost Times
Kununurra $789 pp 9.00am – 5.00pm Warmun $1188 pp 9.45am – 4.15pm
Halls Creek $695 pp 9.30am – 4.30pm Kununurra $2199 pp 5.45am – 13.30pm
El Questro (min 4) $899 pp 9.00am – 5.00pm


Add a Bungle Bungle Helicopter Flight

For thrilling close up aerial views and excellent photographic opportunities

  • Tour A18: 18 minute Domes Special flight: $289pp
  • Tour A30: 30 minute Original Bungle Bungle helicopter flight: $399pp
  • Tour A42: 42 minute Bungle Bungle Long Look: $499pp


Stay the night in the Bungles

With exquisite starry skies above – why not stay the night at the Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge.

Accommodation in a deluxe safari cabin with ensuite, 3 course buffet dinner and cooked breakfast is from $250pp. Departure in the morning is at 7am or 10am.


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Depature Location Cost Times
Kununurra $789 pp 6:00am – 1:00pm
Halls Creek $695 pp 6:30am – 12:30pm
El Questro $989 pp 6:00am – 1:00pm


Depature Location Cost Times
Warmun $1295 pp 6:45am – 12:15pm
Kununurra $2199 pp 5:45am – 1:30pm

*Includes morning tea, lunch and cold water throughout.


  • All in all a fantastic day that I will never forget, thanks again to the team at Bungle Bungle Guided Tours.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer
  • Our tour guide was excellent and we felt we gained a great feeling for the area after our trip with her, I am sure there are many people like us who would love the tour.
    Howard & Dimity WebbBBGT Customer
  • I went on the BB1 tour and it was fantastic from start to finish. After our flight from Kununurra we landed at the spectacular Bungle Bungles and were given a warm welcome by tour guide.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer
  • Our guide's knowledge, enthusiasm and careful explanations really added another dimension to the three walks we went on.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer
  • We were extremely pleased with the tour and have recommended it to people we have met since.
    Howard & Dimity WebbBBGT Customer
  • You really get a deeper understanding of the cultural significance and history of the area than if you did the walks on your own.
    Alana TrewBBGT Customer

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